Bouquet Maxi Bouquet Maxi
Bouquet Maxi From CHF 240.00
Bouquet Bouquet
Bouquet From CHF 230.00
Earth Hoop Mini Earth Hoop Mini
Earth Hoop Mini From CHF 190.00
Nebula Maxi Nebula Maxi
Nebula Maxi From CHF 250.00
WEDDING Get your handmade wedding bands, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to carry your personal story.

Alongside our collections, we handcraft one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry in our Zurich Atelier, working with local artisans and suppliers between Switzerland and Italy.

Bespoke Jewelry
MOTIONS IN COMPOSSIBLE SPACE Inspired by night visions of eternal cosmogonies
Nodo Nodo
Nodo From CHF 240.00
Nodo Nodo
Nodo From CHF 350.00
Arpa Arpa
Arpa From CHF 280.00
Aura Midi Aura Midi
Aura Midi From CHF 240.00
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