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At LMJ, we are dedicated to becoming a more responsible version of ourselves, while also acknowledging the work that is still to do. Our guiding principle is to create thoughtfully designed jewelry that will last a lifetime, alongside making responsible choices across the rest of the business.

Limited quantities

We embody a slower approach to production and create products in limited quantities to reduce waste. Many of our products are also created on a ‘made to order’ basis ensuring we are only creating new products when needed.

Local Production

LMJ collaborates closely with artisans and suppliers in Switzerland and Italy, maintaining a commitment to local sourcing. This not only ensures superior quality but also upholds sustainable production practices


We endeavor to use recycled gold and silver where possible. All solid gold pieces use 100% recycled gold. We can also melt down your old gold to turn it into a new piece of jewelry to be treasured.

Replating & Polishing

We are committed to ensuring that your pieces last a lifetime. We offer a re-plating at a fair price as well as a complimentary polishing service. If the surface of your piece changes over time, we will be happy to re-polish your jewelry to restore it to its original finish.

We stay human

Through our bespoke work, we create individual one of a kind pieces hand in hand with each client. We often repurpose old jewelry, recycling its metals and stones, preserving memories.

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