Arpa Arpa
Arpa From CHF 280.00
Earth Hoop Maxi Earth Hoop Maxi
Earth Hoop Maxi From CHF 235.00
Aura Midi Aura Midi
Aura Midi From CHF 240.00

A selection of LMJ favourites.

Handcrafted jewelry with a row aesthetic.

Arpa Arpa
Arpa From CHF 280.00
Lava Lava
Lava From CHF 195.00
Meteora Meteora
Meteora From CHF 220.00
BOUQUET Celebrating the everchanging beauty of Nature.
Bouquet Mini Bouquet Mini
Bouquet Mini From CHF 180.00
Bouquet Maxi Bouquet Maxi
Bouquet Maxi From CHF 240.00
Bouquet Bouquet
Bouquet From CHF 230.00
MOTIONS IN COMPOSSIBLE SPACE Fluid textures shaped by fire
Aura Maxi Aura Maxi
Aura Maxi From CHF 270.00
Hollow Hollow
Hollow From CHF 190.00
Hollow Hollow
Hollow From CHF 225.00